Entombed! update

I’ve finally started working on “Entombed!” a little more.

It’s a clone of a simple old Atari 2600 maze game.


Changes include:

  • Tweaked the firey “number of players” effect on the title screen
  • Some sound effect changes
  • Less cartoony-looking Zombie
  • Alpha blended gradient
  • Players can die (touch zombie, or hit the top of the screen)
  • Game can end (one of the players loses last life)
  • Lives displayed at the top
  • Number of “make-or-break” potions displayed at the bottom
  • Make-or-break potions in the maze!

The main game component that’s left is proper maze generation, and
perhaps some speed and timing tweaks. Other than that, it’s pretty
complete, and plays pretty much like the original!

I’ve asked the friendly folks in rec.games.video.atari if anyone knows
specifics of the maze code in the original Atari 2600 game. Hopefully
someone will, and my clone will be quite true to the original!

In the meantime, it’s playable, and looks a bit better than the previous
releases from back in May.