Error Building .EXE with Watcom C++ 11.0C and TestSprite2.c Code from But with Open Watcom C++ 1.9, the .EXE build is successful

A very good day to Everyone,

I hope you are all doing Great,

I am running the following -

  1. Windows 10 Pro 64Bit
  2. SDL-1.2.14
  3. Watcom C++ Ver 11.0C
  4. Open Watcom C++ Ver 1.9

I took the Compiled Libraries from -

SDL.dll + SDL.lib + SDLmain.lib and add these to my Watcom Project

I took the TestSprite2.c Code from - and add this to my Watcom Project

When I tried to Build the TestSprite2.c program into .exe i get the following error message with Watcom 11.0c

But Open Watcom Ver 1.9, the Build into .exe works and the .exe even runs correctly

The error message is -

Error E2011: file SDL.lib[SDL.dll]: invalid object file attribute

May I please kindly ask - How can I overcome this error and get Watcom 11.0c to compile and build the TestSprite2.c program into .exe ?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much for your time and kind help.

Kind Regards as Always.

Dr. David Bowman