Error handling for input devices?

Hello again!

It would seem, that the issue is currently not so much of an issue for most people around here (no complains, it is a specialized one), so I’ll have to make some modifications within my own code to meet my requirements. If this is okay with the devs around here I’d like to make the changes directly to the lib and of course provide the results. In such a case I would like to know if there are any preferences on how to do this (I would prefer introducing a valid flag/error code to the SDL_Joystick structure which signals at any time whether the values obtained from axis/buttons etc can still be trusted: if (joystick->valid)). Also, I would need to know how to make my changes available to you. One more info: I am currently linking to rev.1.3.0-5050 of SDL and had problems with newer ones, so any changes would likely be to that revision…

Julian Lintz