Error SDL_StartTextInput?

Should the SDL_TEXTINPUT event work without SDL_StartTextInput? Because it works in Windows …

Yes, it should. As you would expect, on a desktop platform keyboard input is enabled by default. My app (and I expect hundreds of others) relies on that behavior.

You might expect it to be turned off by default. But I read that it is always on in Windows. Why wasn’t this bug fixed and there is nothing about it in the manual?

I would expect it to be turned on by default, when there is a physical keyboard present. This is how SDL has always worked, AFAIK.

Ideally it should check for the presence of a keyboard, rather than assume a desktop platform always has one and a mobile platform never does.

The presence of the keyboard is nowhere to be found. Why turn on text editing if you don’t want to edit text?

SDL_TEXTINPUT events aren’t about editing text, but inputting text. On systems with a keyboard, inputting text is a common requirement. The question isn’t why enable it but why not enable it? You can simply ignore the events.

SDL_StartTextInput brings up the virtual keyboard on iOS and Android, which most games don’t want, so it’s not started by default there.

On desktop platforms (where you would always have a keyboard), it defaults to on, because the user can type on the keyboard at any time and it doesn’t affect the user interface, since there isn’t a keyboard displayed over half of your game window.

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Are you the author of SDL_sound?

SDL_TEXTINPUT is not enabled by default in Linux, because it is usually unnecessary, and in Windows it is buggy because you can’t turn it off. Do I make myself clear?

Wrong, SDL_TEXTINPUT is enabled by default on Desktop platforms, including Linux, Windows and macOS, so you don’t have to call SDL_StartTextInput() there. You need to call it on mobile platforms (like iOS and Android) though, because it shows a virtual keyboard.

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Yes it is: my app is entirely dependent on text input being enabled by default on desktop platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.). You really should check before posting such assertions.

Also–and not to derail the tech conversion, but I want to say this publicly–every time Rosy posts, sockpuppet accounts show up too, like the “SDL_is_bad_trust_me” account, above.

It’s somewhere between weird and deeply suspicious, and I’m getting tired of deleting the accounts every time. If it keeps happening, I’ll be taking stronger action.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.


Just to clarify – this account is not related to the OP in anyway.
Also regarding the anti-SDL name – this can be partly attributed to how SDL is openly supporting fake and corrupt groups. I’d like to elaborate on this, but I’ll leave it as is.

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You can feel free to email or DM me directly if you have a concern, and I’m happy to hear you elaborate, but let’s not make a mess of the forums in the meantime.

Do you have nothing better to do with your life? How pathetic.

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