Errors in SDL_uikitview.m


I am trying to compile a project with the latest SDL2 tip (1dec8bbf3b92). I wanted to use this because it already incorporates the removal of Bluetooth as a dependency.

I am finding the following three errors during compilation with XCode (10.2):

SDL-c/SDL/src/video/uikit/SDL_uikitview.m:72:34: Property ‘allowedScrollTypesMask’ not found on object of type ‘UIPanGestureRecognizer *’
SDL-c/SDL/src/video/uikit/SDL_uikitview.m:72:59: Use of undeclared identifier ‘UIScrollTypeMaskDiscrete’
SDL-c/SDL/src/video/uikit/SDL_uikitview.m:73:59: Use of undeclared identifier ‘UITouchTypeIndirectPointer’; did you mean ‘UITouchTypeIndirect’?

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Thank you,

I just realized that part of that code is enclosed in a conditional that requires iOS 13.4, and I’m using XCode 10.2, which supports iOS up to 12, I think.

If I comment that block out in the SDL code, it compiles and works right away.