Event.text.text to utf32

I try to figure out how to convert the event.text.text to utf32 from SDL_TEXTINPUT.
It?s a long time since i last tried to code (18 years) and so i have much to learn…
working with SDL and opengl 3.3 is fun.
But im at a point where i try to integrate CEGUI to my project and that needs a utf32 string for the injectchar.

I was searching the wiki, the forum and the net, for the hope that there will be a easy solution for that.
But it didn?t seems so. And so i?m hoping that someone here can help me out with an easy function…


Since the event.text.text is null-terminated UTF8 string (char[]), the easiest way would be to use UTF8-CPP library (http://utfcpp.sourceforge.net/). I haven’t tried this but that should work well.


Yeah, that works.
many thanks