Example compiling trouble

I have tried to compile test program testvidnfo.c from sdl
packet.Following log presents messages that are appeared during
build-time. Build took place in console windows.

bcc32 -c -d -O1 -r -Ic:\progra~1\sdl\include\sdl -o testvidinfo.o
Borland C++ 5.6 for Win32 Copyright © 1993, 2002 Borland
Warning W8065 testvidinfo.c 347: Call to function ‘RunVideoTests’ with
no prototype in function SDL_main
Warning W8057 testvidinfo.c 352: Parameter ‘argc’ is never used in
function SDL_main
ilink32 -c -Tpe -aa -x -Gn -v -b:0x340000 -m -M -s
-Lc:\progra~1\sdl\lib testvidinfo.o ,test.exe, , test.def, test.res
Turbo Incremental Link 5.60 Copyright © 1997-2002 Borland
Error: Unresolved external ‘__turboFloat’ referenced from root

So i have 2 quiestions. Can SDL program be built with C++ compiler
version 5.6 if so how to fix previously shown linker error and compiler