Exult almost completely ported to SDL3

Our Team member Dragon Baroque has done a fantastic job getting Exult ported to SDL3.

Confirmed to be working are Linux and macOS. iOS and Android are being held back by an SDL3 bug SDL3 [iOS] [Android] finger touch screen coordinates only updated on dragging · Issue #8176 · libsdl-org/SDL · GitHub which prevents touch/mouse input from working correctly, so not thoroughly tested yet.
Windows is likely to work but needs to be confirmed.
The prototype fork is at GitHub - Dragon-Baroque/exult at exult-sdl3

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This bug is fixed, thanks!

How did the porting process go? Do you have any feedback on either the API changes or the migration documentation?

@slouken Dragon Baroque had problems logging in so he provided a very in depth answer on our github issue dedicated to the migration.
See Porting to SDL3 · Issue #379 · exult/exult · GitHub

thanks for fixing the mouse bug. That was quite show stopper as I couldn’t imagine what went wrong in our code until I thought of checking whether it was an upstream bug. Thanks for providing all these tests to find an easy way to showcase the problem.

You’re welcome, and thank you for the feedback! I’ve tweaked the documentation a bit to make things more clear in the future.