Fast image display : need information


I need to display frames 1024x1024 from a camera that have
8bpp (256 gray level)
I do not want to make special effect on it, just to display
text with it.

What is the fastest way to display frame in this case ?

May I use framebuffer /dev/fb (vesa driver) or Xserver with
Direct access to driver should be the fastest ? no ?
(No need to go through X protocol, and I do not need to use
windows features, so why using Xserver ?)
But is it really the case ? Using vesafb we do not use
the most advanced features of the graphical chip.

I’ve been tested vesa driver from kernel 2.4.6
using mainboard CP302 - chipset 69035
I can set 1280x1024 x256 (8bpp) using lilo vga = 0x0307
But it does not seems to be support
System memory -> Board memory acceleration

Thanks for your answers.

Laurent Brissonnet