Fast Is Better Than Slow

Updates on the migration:

So we’re pretty much moved to Dreamhost now. This resolves the bandwidth
issue and gives the admins better centralized control over most of the
infrastructure…I think the only thing not managed at Dreamhost now is
Bugzilla (and hey, hopefully that’ll change soon).

Notes for people:

  • The website is still the same, but we moved from Postgres to MySQL
    very fast…if something looks broken it probably is, please let me know
    directly and I’ll triage issues.

  • The mailing lists are now instead of
    (while the old addresses still work, please update your address books).
    We imported the subscriber list, so you don’t have to resubscribe. The
    mailing list archives are not lost, and will be available soon.

  • Management for this mailing list (archives and (un)subscription):

  • Subversion moved. Same repository, different URL. You will have to do
    a fresh checkout. If you have existing changes in a working copy, please
    use “svn diff” to save them, then delete or move that copy out of the
    way and do a clean checkout:

To check out the 1.2 branch:

 svn co

The 1.3 branch:

 svn co

etc. Basically, it went from “svn://” to

You can browse the respository directly with a web browser, but the
preferred way is the old URL, since it will give you access to revision
history and other tools.

Pointing a web browser at the repository itself just gives you the
latest revision of every file, which isn’t always useful.

  • Followup emails coming as I remember things you should know.

The gist here is: most things are the same, email me directly with
problems, fast is better than slow.



Thanks Ryan, for contributing hosting and a heroic job updating the site!

See ya,
-Sam Lantinga, Senior Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

Oh, the SDL-CVS list was renamed svn at and e-mail is sent with
[SDL-SVN] in the subject line. All existing SDL-CVS members were moved
over to the new list, and you can manage your subscription (and subscribe
and unsubscribe) at:

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Senior Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment