Fbcon change output from 16bpp to 8bpp


i would like to use LibSDL and LibSmpeg to play mpeg-movies on an embedded

My Problem is, that my display only Support 8bpp by 640*480 and LibSmpeg
doesn’t support 8bpp.

Ok, I think, I can run the display with 8 bpp; its enough for this

So I liked to try to tell during initialise libsdl that there is a display
with 16bpp, driver is fbcon. The libdsl now works like on a 16bpp device. My
Problem is, that I don’t know where I can find the output to the
framebuffer. Because I must change the 16bpp output to simply 8bpp output (I
think, that I get problems with colours, but I think also, that I can handle
this problems :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for any reply,