Ffplay or SDL bug on videomodes bigger than hardware resolution.?


Please see here, sdl dont show a image because screen open fail.happen on
windows (cygwin SDL).

Whats now correct ?



New submission from ami_stuff <ami_stuff at o2.pl>:

When I run FFplay with images bigger than screen resolution, FFplay
black window for the moment and next close it without displaying actual

likely SDL bug

it is possible to change backend and open then a videomode that fit on
screen, but if a program
not check width and hight and use new width, it can fail badly.
i see no specification what sdl should do.

maybe somebody can tell what SDL should do and its more clear if its a SDL
Bug or a ffplay Bug.

ByeOn Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 12:53:33PM +0000, ami_stuff wrote: