Finding a bug - Static linking SDL

Hi all,
I’ve been ignoring an error in my application for some time now since i can avoid it by turning on a tool in my IDE ( BCB6 )
called CodeGuard. In order to make propper releases however i will need to fix this problem hence my initial steps in tracking this problem down.
To refresh everyone’s memory,… I get a acces violation on the next thing ( doesnt matter what ) after a SDL_PollEvent() when CodeGuard stack validation
is disabled. I tried finding something in my application causing this but i came up empty. Thus I am now staticly linking SDL into my application in order
to be able to step through all of the code including the SDL code.

Offcourse I encountered a problem which is the reason for this mail,…
SDL_VideoInit() fails with "No available video device"
What am i doing wrong ?

Tnx. in advance.