Flipped blitters patch

Here’s a first (read : incomplete, buggy, slow) implementation of the
flipped blitters for your testing pleasure. The diff is against the SDL
1.2.8 tar.gz package from libsdl.org.

What works : all the blitters in SDL_blit_A.c and SDL_BlitCopy(). This
means blitting any surface with alpha over any surface should work.

How to use : and pSurface->flags with SDL_HFLIP or SDL_VFLIP (vflip not
working for SDL_BlitCopy()) and blit. I’ve included a quite simple test

Actually, the only slow blitter is SDL_BlitCopy(). The alpha blitters
should be as fast as the non-flipped blitters, with SSE and MMX and all.

Still a lot to do and fix, but this is a start…


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