Follow up: (was: no subject) getting the frame buffer running

I thought to give the group a follow up on this, as I haven’t found it in
the kernel documentation, but thanks to the help from the guys at the vmware
forums I was finally able to get 32-bit color up and running.

The kernel supports video modes from 0x320 and up (the documentation
mentions 0x300) where 0x320 is for 320x200 at 8bit, 0x321 for 320x400 at 8bit, up
to the maximum resolution that the video card is capable of (1920x1440 at 8bit
would be 0x32D). Then at 0x32E (supposing 1920x1440 is the maximum
resolution) the resolution would go back to 320x200, only at 16bit color,
and would continue to 0x33B for 1920x1440 at 16bit color. And so on for 24 or
32 bit color, whichever your card uses.