For the curious

Further tests with my different compilers:

  1. Running with the 4D mouse or pen on the Wacom Intuos tablet makes a
    difference, 855 fps with it on, 880 without it. (Hungry interrupts…)

2 In the fastest mode : testsprite -fullscreen -hw,
there is still a small difference between the fastest and the
slowest compiler (dll & exe compiled with the same compiler) :
835 fps with LccWin32 (Without opt)
880 fps with Symantec 7.5
860 fps with Watcom 11

  1. I have seen no significative difference between
    the register or stack passing option with Watcom.
    (That’s a surprise !)

  2. There is a very small difference, if
    there is one, between using the sdl in dll or in
    static lib. (but a huge difference in exe size)

  3. Difference in testsprite options :
    testsprite : 55 fps (windowed, 32bpp, 1280x1024 desktop, 85Hz)
    testsprite -fullscreen : 232 fps
    testsprite -fullscreen -hw : 880 fps
    testsprite -fullscreen -flip : 160 fps (The monitor runs at 160 Hz)
    (PIIIEB 800 Mhz, DirectX8.1 Win98SE)
    (New version of testsprite.c, see a previous posting, but
    it should not make much difference)

  4. About the mouse : the “-fullscreen” mode is the only one
    (besides windowed) where the mouse is visible, active.
    (Why is that ?)

  5. Any help about why Symantec opens a console windows is welcome.

  6. Any help about why Watcom (-5r) crashes on exit is welcome.

That all for now.

Jean-Pierre H. Dumas

P.S. Yes, I have Mingwin32 too, but I never use it.