Forgot to mention (about my sound problem)

im using .mid files for this. also, could someone explain to me how to
adjust the volume of the music being played? i do this:

Mix_PlayMusic(intro_music,-1); //start playing the music
Mix_Volume(-1,32); //lower the volume to 32

but the music does NOT get any less loud then if i did

for some reason i cant get the volume to lower either =(. it sucks because
the music totally drownds out my sound effects. if anyone can tell me what
im doing wrong id appreciate it. do .mid files not just lower or pause?
thanks again!_________________________________________________________________
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that was a typo, im not doing
Mix_PlayMusic(intro_music,-1); //start playing the music

what i meant was
Mix_PlayMusic(intro_music,-1); //start playing the music

anyway, calling Mix_VolumeMusic(number) does NOT effect my music’s volume at
all. weather i set this value to 0 or 128 it stays the same. does anyone
know why? im using mid files if that matters. thanks!_________________________________________________________________
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