Frame buffer patches

Would seem that GCC 3.2.2 promotes all signed values to unsigned if any single vlaue is unsigned in an expression…

for instance when calculating an elo touch position…evertyhign is an (int) except for cach_vinfo.xres which is unsigned. THerefore if you reverse the SDL_ELO_MIN_X and SDL_ELO_MAX_X values the resulging negative value pegs the expression to it’s max. Attached it the accumulated patch to typecast the unsigned values to (int)

  • *dx = (cache_vinfo.xres - (cache_vinfo.xres * (input_x - ELO_MIN_X)) / width);
  • *dx = ((int)cache_vinfo.xres - ((int)cache_vinfo.xres * (input_x - ELO_MIN_X)) / width);

and also to provide quite failure to operations which have the screen currently locked…

The touch screen I’m using the original values were exactly opposite of any position I touched on the screen - evaluating the math the expression SHOULD have handled reversing the min and max values - and after casting the unsigned .xres and .yres to a signed int - worked well…

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