Framerate independence? (Koen Witters)

Hi Koen and all
Yeah i agree , and its a great write up, like you i have met many
programmers and concepts of game loops. one thing that your article does not
mention GameStates. I have found that some people choose to make a complete
new game loop for Intro and another one for in the game and yet more for
other game events. for me i feel that its not necessary when you only need a
game state int,

#define GAME_STATE_FOOBAR 99999

int GameState;

In the main loop i usually have various switch statements deciding what to
display or functionality to use, the benefits for me are that At any point
in any of the functions you can simply change GameState to a new state and
the next time through the loop it will be in a different game mode.

Sorry for the ramble but i thought i would be worth a mention in your write