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I would like to make several remarks

First, thanks Ryan for your piece of code. It suits me perfectly. I used
only SDL for its events handling and window creation. On top of that, I
use only OpenGL. Obviously after toggling, the window content is trashed
so a GL redraw is needed, which is no problem. I didn’t test all the GL
flags but at first glance it seems correct.
I will test it more thoroughly as soon as I finish my home-made layer on

I have some questions:

  • Is SDL_SwapBuffers a misnomer ? when I do not specify explicitly
    GL_DOUBLEBUFFER in SDL_GL_SetAttribute, the GL rendering context is
    supposed to be single-buffered by default. Still , I must call it to
    refresh the view. Online doc says:
    Swap the OpenGL buffers, if double-buffering is supported.

  • (on windows), when I catch SDL_VIDEORESIZE, i have to call SwapBufferqs
    twice (ugly) to restore the view (else I get a curious gray screen). Is it
    normal ?

  • Finally, I did seem to receive SDL_VIDEOEXPOSE. The online documentation
    seems erroneous as well (cut-pasted ? :slight_smile: ):



SDL_ExposeEvent – Quit requested event–
zsh: command not found: :wq