Fullscreen on Linux

Hi all,

I’m running into two issues on Linux with our game (ibb&obb) but to keep threads clean I’ll separate the issues in two topics.
(The other topic about controllers on Linux)

Since we updated from rev. 9174 to the latest source code we noticed that our game doesn’t show the window anymore when going full screen (SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP). It shows the icon in the Launcher bar in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) but clicking it will almost never show the game. If it does show the game, it is usually a black screen and I have to kill it manually (key and controller input do not work anymore)

In rev. 9174 this still worked to I backtracked to where this issue became apparent for us and it as it turns out the changes in rev. 9319 are what causes our game not to appear. Either reverting these changes in the latest code or adding a line in SDL_x11video.c in X11_CreateDevice() to set the last_mode_change_deadline to non-zero will make the game work again.

I do however find it odd that no else found these issues. So I checked the samples and e.g. in testgamecontroller.c instead of making a window I made it create a fullscreen window (SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP) and it sort of works as expected. It doesn’t immediately show the window, you have click the icon in Launcher first, but it does always show the test application, not unlike our game where it mostly doesn’t.

Any thoughts?