Fullscreen support

Okay, I just talked with Scott about fullscreen v.s. windowed mode being
the default in our games. The official word is that our games default
to fullscreen mode, and have a command line option “-w or --windowed” to
run in a window. The old “-f or --fullscreen” command line option is
still supported, and will override saved configurations which set
windowed mode.

Fullscreen v.s. windowed operation is very easy under SDL, even for GL
applications - just use (or do not use) the SDL_FULLSCREEN flag when
setting the video mode.

I’ve just completed some brand spanking new fullscreen code for SDL
which seems to work very nicely and doesn’t require root permissions to
use. It uses DGA mouse by default when supported. I will be
integrating that into the SDL 1.0 and 1.1 branches over the next several
hours, and posting CVS snapshots on the SDL web page:

The X11 DGA hardware surface support has been removed, and will make an
appearance again when DGA 2.0 is available, this time as a separate
video driver with hardware acceleration. :)–
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software