Fw: easier blit question

“Michael Zayats” <@Michael_Zayats> wrote:

FrameSurface = SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom((void *)pFrameBuffer, nWidth,
nHeight, nBpp, 2048, 0xff0000, 0x00ff00, 0x0000ff, 0);

make sure those masks correspond to the screen format as well

Actual framebuffer runs at 16bpp (don’t know exact masks, but inside
pFrameBuffer there is 24bpp RGB without alpha, nBpp = 24

what should I put in this case?

actually I succeeded getting something working (most noise lines with some
resemblance of real video) by changing DisplaySurface allocation, but you
are right - there is some problem with buffer structures…

SDL_SetAlpha(FrameSurface, 0, 128);

pass SDL_SRCALPHA in the flags parameter, not zero. it’s documented

will try it, 10x

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