Fw: Help needed for Small problem

Dear Sir,
Attached is file swfplay.cpp,which is responsible for creating window,In
which we are playing flash and mplayer,
Please go thru it and suggest me.
And Thanks
Sharad Bajaj

Dear Mr. Sam Lantinga,
Thanks for reply,Sir I can ask on
mailing list but it will be to late,as i have posted on mailing list
this is very urgent ,This project is assigned me one month before,as
deadline is coming so if u help me i will be very help full, I am explaing
my problem in detail,

As our compnay is in Realtime advertisment,so we have some screen in all
supermarket,that show some ads(Flash,.avi,.mpeg) all Flash is display
mozila plugin and all movies using mplayer,The project assigned to me was
put one scroller on bottom of the screen,so that some image and text can
scroll on it as per the schedule so,This i can do but I need only help how
can put this scrolling screen on mplayer or any other Xdisplay ,or if is
there any other way,like let say if we reduce the size of mplayer and
screen and provide some space on bottom of the screen where my programe
run,When I tried to run my program and the player that we already have,The
palyer always hiding my scrolling screen and running,So Please Help me I
will very evry greatfull to you .Please sir,I am not asking to develop
for me,I need the concept to do this only,

Sharad Bajaj
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BlankDear Sir,
Firstly I am very greatfull to you to provide such
of Library that is very easy to use,

I Need your help in regards of developing small program that would be
able to run on any Xdisplay programe,For example if any mplayer movie is
running ,hen this program will run on bottom of the screen showing some
scrolling messages,programe i can develop no problem but i just want to
how can i run my programe on any existing running X display .

You mean on top of an existing fullscreen window? Or just popping up a
window with all the rest on the desktop?

You might ask on the SDL mailing list…

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

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