FW: windows key & alt-tab crashes app

im just getting a pointer to the screen and doing all the pixel plotting
myself. is there someway to check if the program is fullscreen or not? what
do i need to do to keep my program from crashing when it looses fullscreen?

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On Thursday 17 April 2003 09.21, Martell, Jeremiah wrote:


it seems that whenever my fullscreen app gets minimized or isnt
fullscreen anymore ( like when the windows key or alt-tab is
pressed ) that the app crashes with a standard parachute deployed
error. is there anyway to disable the windows key or alt-tab from
bring up the change-program box? or does anybody have any
suggestions as to why my app is crashing?

Might be a result of DirectX losing your surfaces when you leave
fullscreen mode… Are you doing s/w rendering (via ->pixels) into
h/w surfaces?

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