[fwd] ToonTalk going open source

If anyone feels like porting a Windows app that has recently been
re-licensed as open source. >:^)

Seen on the SchoolForge mailing list:

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From: Yishay Mor
Subject: [school-discuss] ToonTalk going open source

I have used ToonTalk as a programming language with 10-15 year olds, and I
know of people who have used it in kindergartens. ToonTalk is great fun
(once you get into the hang of it) and is also very satesfing from an
educators perspective: literally within hours of initial encounter, kids
with no privios programming experience can produce meanigfull code.

ToonTalk’s looks are deceptive. It gives the impression of a pre-school
video game, but under the cover it is a concurent logical programming
language, as powerful as any.

Today Ken Kahn, toontalk’s creator and owner, has released its code under
a new BSD license. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for the
community. Unfortunatly, the current code base is configured for Microsoft
Visual Studio, and compiles to a windows execuatble. But I’m sure someone
will change that soon enough :slight_smile: While I don’t think Ken intends to lead
any porting effort, he’s very approachable and always happy to help.


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From: Ken Kahn
Date: 2009/7/30
Subject: [ToonTalk] ToonTalk source code is now available
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Dear ToonTalkers,

I uploaded the ToonTalk source files to Google Code:


While I spent some effort deleting extraneous and obsolete files there is
probably lots left. The code itself is the result of 15 years of
development so it varies in quality, readability, and documentation.

If anyone wants to take the code further (e.g. maybe make a web-based
version) I’ll be glad to advise and put more work into cleaning up the
code. If a project to make a web-based ToonTalk were to be funded I’d be
more than happy to participate.




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