FYI- Found a problem with the sound playback

Sam Lantinga wrote:

That’s really wierd. You’re right, sound playback should be fine
on that configuration.

It took me by surprise- I wasn’t sure what was going on at first;
thought it might have been a problem with the game itself at first
but then it played fine on the same kernel on my notebook which
happens to have a different chip for sound. It was off enough to
try to touch base with everyone concerned so that we could get the
issue resolved quickly- whatever the cause of the problem is.

What kernel are you using?

2.0.36 right now. I’ve plans to upgrade to 2.2.5 (or is it .6 now?)
sometime this weekend- I’ll forward you info as to what it does
under those conditions after the upgrade has been done.

What sound driver are you using?

It’s the stock one that came with the kernel version. There
could concievably be a bug in the driver that SDL’s stepping on
but the others somehow avoid.

Do other audio programs play back properly? How about on Windows?

Everything else plays back fine- and the thing works great with
the Hopkins demo and every other MM app under Windows. (Did that
check first thing… :slight_smile:

  16-bit APDCM(IMA)       No playback (format not supported).

Yes, I’ll look at this sometime soon.
Anybody have the specs for this format?

Specs are somewhere out there- don’t have them yet. However, I
DO happen to have some code that purports to be a codec for that
format that I’ve not yet had the opportunity to verify function on.
It’s enclosed for your study and analysis.

Thanks for the feedback.

No prob.

Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

Can’t wait to see your handiwork- is the production house for
the disks on schedule? (I ask because I can’t wait to try out
my next “waste of time” :-)–
Frank Earl
Earl Consulting Services