Game Engine call to collaborate

Hello fellow devs,

We are getting a lot of response to work on the game engine. It might
be good to collaborate our thoughts and code.

Kartik ThakoreBegin forwarded message:

From: Kartik Thakore <@Kartik_Thakore>
Date: April 5, 2010 8:52:54 AM EDT
To: Nakamura
Cc: “zpmorgan at” , Dannenberg! <dannenberg.matt at

Subject: Re: GSoC Perl Games Physics Engine

Good Morning,

There are many areas that need work in the game engine as we have
barely anything like this for Perl. We do have some ideas on our
development wiki.

See the cogent link there.

Currently there is work being done/planned in:

-Cogent: The glue framework for seperate modules in C/Perl

-SDLx:: The extensions for basic objects in SDL perl

-SDLx::Widgets Simple widgets that are common accross games

  • We also need to bind better physics and sound libraries to Perl
    (similar to SDL_perl)

If you are interested in bindings I am your guy.

As for you guys both working on the game engine I don’t think it
will be a problem if your projects are seperate components. But be
vary that you guys dont depend on each others work until after
gsoc2010. Your deliverables must be seperate and distinct.

Finally meet us on #sdl to discuss more.

Kartik Thakore

On 2010-04-05, at 1:30 AM, Nakamura wrote:

Hello zpmorgan, kthakore,

We are both interested in working on the perl games physics engine
for Google Summer of Code (GSOC), but per the GSoC guidelines, we
are not able to apply as a group. Following those guidelines, we
would each like to work with one of you on one of perl games
engine’s projects. Matt is a Computer Science and Physics major at
McGill University, and Moses is a Computer Science and Mathematics
major at Columbia University, so we are both interested in physics
and computer science. We both grasp introductory physics, and like
working with perl. We also really like games, and hacked a short
one together in fall of senior year. Because of those interests,
this project seemed like the best choice.

Do you have any specific ideas for projects that we can work on?
We would really like to be involved in any way possible. GSoC
technically allows us to submit up to twenty project proposals
each, so even if there is more than one idea that each of us is
interested in, we can submit applications for all of them.

Thank you,

Moses Nakamura
Matt Dannenberg