[GAME] JorogumoJump physics platformer

In the past months I have created a 2D physics based platformer/robot spider simulator, using Box2D and SDL2, and I think it’s interesting enough to be worth checking out so I’ll link it here.
More details below.


So what’s the game about? If you have played some 2D platformers you have probably met a scene where the main character has to keep progressing upwards while from below a “lava” is rising.
Well the game is very similar to that, except there is no screen-scrolling, and instead new platforms keep being spawned and slowly melt away in acid.
So what’s interesting about it? The controls aren’t handled by the traditinal 4 key up-down-left-right scheme, and nor do keys the stand for directions. To control the Jorogumo the player must use 6 keys, and each key is responsible for specific type of joint movement. Mastering this shall provide a challenge to the player.
The game also features up to 3 players, and bit of a progression system with multiple maps.
Admiteddly the game was more of learning project for me than anything else, but I think it turned out fun enough to be worth sharing.

any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated :smiley:


It seems very interesting but until I ditch the window 8 tablet I cannot interact with RAR files.