Game music (again)

Hello all!

I have finally sorted out a bunch of my game music, and am ready to take on
some projects! I made a nice site where you can check out some of my music:

The site purposely only has a few select tracks from some projects I’ve
worked on. I plan on adding a track per week to the site. You can see some
of the projects I’ve worked on via the site, but here is a list:
The Mana World
Through The Mana World, I also have a few tracks in Invertika. I’ve
fortunately/unfortunately also worked on some game projects which have died
(fortunate because I have a lot of good unused tracks, but unfortunate
because some very cool games have been abandoned).

Anyways, I’d love to work on some more game projects! So if you are in need
of some music, or have any games to recommend, please do!

Also, if you are socially-networked inclined, you can “like” my Facebook
page, just search for “Nikola Whallon,” or check out my myspace, (

Thanks a ton for your time,