Game Project using SDL

Hi everyone,

We’ve just set up a web page for our small game project. It uses SDL and
works quite fine with it. Because it’s a little difficult to supply linux
binaries :-(, only binaries for DOS (without SDL but with VESA 2) and
SDL/Win32 are included. If you want the source and compile it yourself
(under BeOS pehaps??), drop me a line! The NUPWare Jump! project is a rather
small project to develop a rather small jump 'n run game with rather good
network support (via TCP/IP or IPX?). If you’re interested, visit our web
site (download and screenshots!) at: (We need any help we can get
(graphics,programming,PR??,web page…)

Any comments and any new team members are very welcome!

Paulus Esterhazy (@Paulus_Esterhazy)