Gamepad strangeness in MacOS 9

Hi everyone,

As a way to make my current game more portable, i’ve ported it to SDL
first. However, a strange bug plagues me: whenever i open up my
joystick (a Microsoft sidewinder), is starts up as if the directional
pad was pressed into the lower left corner. After touching the
gamepad’s axes, thir states are reported fine afterwards, until i
close down the joystick and open it up again.

I don’t think there is a problem with the drivers, since the old code
i used to get gamepad input works fine and it does not use the same
Iow-level InputSprocket calls that SDL does. I also don’t really
think the problem is in my code, since it doesn’t do much - just pick
a joystick, open it and starting to read its states. And last, after
thorougly going through the relevant code in the SDL itself, i can’t
find anything wrong here either… so i don’t really have a qlue as
to what could be wrong.

This is very annoying. Has anyone accountered any similiar problems?