Gestion of force feedback of logitech G29 with SDL


I am having some problems to controle the force feedback of my wheel : logitech G29.

I have seen this tutorial :

" The basic usage is as follows:
Initialize the subsystem (SDL_INIT_HAPTIC)
Open a haptic device
SDL_HapticOpen() to open from index
SDL_HapticOpenFromJoystick() to open from an existing joystick
Create an effect (SDL_HapticEffect)
Upload the effect with SDL_HapticNewEffect()
Run the effect with SDL_HapticRunEffect()
(optional) Free the effect with SDL_HapticDestroyEffect()
Close the haptic device with SDL_HapticClose() "

I did the first step without any problem, the second step is also working but the following step is not working.

Here is my code :

printf(“Joystick haptic ? %d\n”,SDL_JoystickIsHaptic(volant)) ;
printf(“Number of haptic devices : %d\n”, SDL_NumHaptics()) ;
SDL_Haptic *haptic;

// Open the device
haptic = SDL_HapticOpen( 0 );
if (haptic == NULL)
   printf("pas ouvert\n");
	printf("Opened") ;

// Initialize simple rumble
if (SDL_HapticRumbleInit( haptic ) != 0)
   printf("not initialised\n");
   printf("Error : %s\n", SDL_GetError()) ;
   printf("Effect supported ? : %d\n",SDL_HapticRumbleSupported( haptic )) ;

// Play effect at 50% strength for 2 seconds
if (SDL_HapticRumblePlay( haptic, 0.5, 2000 ) != 0)
	printf("not launched\n");
    printf("Error : %s\n", SDL_GetError()) ;
SDL_Delay( 2000 );

// Clean up
SDL_HapticClose( haptic );

volant is the name of my joystick.

I am using Eclipse with MinGW on windows.

Here are the results of my code :
Thank you for your help.

Did you solve the problem?