Getting my program to run outside of IDE (SDL2_ttf.dll)?

I’ve set up VS2012 express to run with SDL2, and everything works as expected inside the IDE, but when I try to run my programs executable from the debug or release directories, the application crashes on start up giving me these details :

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Project1.exe
Fault Module Name: SDL2_ttf.dll

and a whole bunch of stuff I don’t understand. Can paste the whole thing if requested.

My specs :
O/S : Windows 7 64 bit service pack 1
Compiler : Visual Studio 2012 Express (running in 32 bit compiler mode)
SDL libs : SDL2, SDL2_ttf (32 bit versions)

Have you copied the .dll’s to the debug folder? The proper ones? (not 64 bit)

Looks like I forgot to throw in all my assets… I guess that would help.