Getting sdl-events under Win32


i work on a video player, that runs under linux and under windows.
it has a qt-main widget and is capable aof reading from file or from a

for displaying the video i use SDL.

as far as i use filereading everything works fine.

but changing to rtp-reading, i don’t get any sdl-events under windows
during the program runs. in the end, when i delete my objects and my
threads exit, it may happen, that some sdl-events are captured and
processed. it’s no problem under linux.

during runtime i can change the focus of my two visible windows (the
contolwidget and the video-window, which is a sdl-window). and my
sdl-window does have the focusm when i wait for events.
the qt-contollwidget also awaits some events, but these events come through.

one differece between reading from file and reading from a stream is
the wait-time of the input thread. in the file-case it sleeps 800ms
between its polls and in the rtp-case it sleeps only 10ms.

does anybody have a clue of what might cause this behaviour?
the video is displayed correctly and i question the sdl-event-loop just
before blitting my overlays.

regards christian