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Mattias Engdeg?rd wrote:

AFAIK not the format but the algorithm is patented. Like with GIF

  • it

is the compression there.

You were talking about copyrighted formats. GIF is neither patented
copyrighted. The LZW compression algorithm is patented (in certain

This is NOT TRUE. GIF used to be (still is, I think) copyrighted by
CompuServe, and they once tried (can anyone remember back that far,
about 1995 I think) to collect money on the use of their format.
remember the exact story, but they eventually backed down when they
realized it would be a PR disaster for them. By that time GIF had
become a de facto standard, thanks in large part to its use by the
where they met active resistance. This was long before the even
mess with GIF and Unisys that we have today.

GIF’s are bad, Unisys has been enforcing their patent on it… The
license for the GIF format (sorry I don’t have the link), does not
differentiate between reading/writing the format… The easiest way to
avoid licensing problems with it is to use the PNG format.=====
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