GL and SDL example

The project I’m working on, a 3D engine called “Seismic”, is currently
approaching version 0.1. This 3D engine uses OpenGL and SDL, as well as
SDL_Image and a few other nifty goodies. When it’s done, I’ll post a link
here. Probably this Sunday.

The reason I’m posting it is because hopefully it might clarify a few
problems some people have been having with OpenGL and SDL. Inside, you will
find code to:

– display fonts under GL modes with SDL
– interface SDL_Image and SDL_GL
– take screenshots and have them turn out the right way
– generally do funky stuff.

Besides which, it’s kind of cool to run around in and go “whee!”. Keep in
mind that it ain’t my best code, it’s just a funky 3D engine I’ve been
working on as a test ground for some cool server-client stuff. Does anybody
else have any SDL-GL interfacing questions that they’d like answered/source
code for? If so, I’ll release a pack of that shortly after.


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