Glheretic 1.1 announcement

I have released glheretic 1.1 with the following changes/improvements:

  • assembler (x86) optimizations of some core math functions
  • fixes to make heretic work on alpha’s, solaris/sparc
  • sound fixes, so sounds arn’t to loud in ExM8 missions
  • rewrite of the OpenGL window/event handling; glheretic uses
    SDL for OpenGL handling now
  • improved in-game menus; it is possible to change mouse_look,
    mouse_invert and grab_mouse in the game now
  • the vga version can use hires modes now
  • added support for 89-key keyboards
  • the GL stuff supports big endian architectures from now on
  • fixed two ill-judged memxxx() ops that caused
    alignment SIGBUSes on the sparc machines
  • improved window/fullscreen and mouse handling
  • the GLU library doesn’t need to be specified
    for glheretic any more
  • bug fixes

the url is: “