Glut [was Re: mingw32 on Linux Q.]

Good point. Well, not all Win32 systems have glut anyway, but the only
thing I would use glut for in a project that used SDL would be for some
of the primatives it already has - GLU has some but they’re a little
lower level. No big loss, I’ll probably write what I need in primatives
and stick it in my own lib to include with the projects…


Sam Lantinga wrote:>

BTW - I was able to cross-compile the xflame dem, the water demo (which
was kinda weird but I was testing it in VMware/win98) and
SDL_mixer/image successfully. So mingw32 is set up correctly (fingers
crossed). Also, I’m curious why ming32 doesn’t include glut but includes
gl and glu. No biggy if I’m using SDL, but it’d be nice to cross-compile
apps that included glut functions…

Mostly because glut and SDL don’t work well together.

See ya,
-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software