GNU 3DKit and SDL

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the GNU 3DKit framework, an official part of the GNU project, has now a SDL camera backend!
The GNU 3DKit can be found at:

The GNU 3DKit is an object oriented scene graph library, written in Objective-C and ANSI-C.

From the webbpage:

The GNU 3DKit is part of the GNUstep environment, which provides an Object-Oriented application development framework and tool set for use on a wide variety of computer platforms. GNUstep is based on the original OpenStep specification provided by NeXT, Inc. (now Apple). It provides several frameworks to render 3D graphics and sound, released under the GNU LGPL. Its main purpose is to render any kind of 3D graphics in realtime, using an optimised scenegraph structure. It uses OpenGL and OpenAL as rendering backend.

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