Greetings from SDL GSoC project

Hello SDL community!

I’m Markus and am working on the GSoC 2011 project entitled “SDL Test
Coverage” during the summer. The project’s goals are to create a new test
harness and tests for SDL. Sources for the project and a documentation wiki
are hosted on bitbucket (
All the project related things are public including a SCRUM product backlog,
information about sprints etc. The wiki contains also all the information on
how to compile the project and write test suites for it - so feel free to
try it out yourself.

The first sprint of the project is now completed. During the sprint I was
able to make some good progress and the test harness is already in good
shape. Now that the basics are done, I’m going to extend the harness during
the next 3 week sprint and make it output a test run report in XML among
other things.

For the statistics about the first sprint check out its retrospective (

All sorts of feedback is appreciated.

Markus Kauppila