[GSoC] Interactive and visual test automation merged into SDL repo

Hi guys,

I thought I’d post a few updates on the visualtest GSoC project.

Thanks to Ryan, visualtest is now imported into the main SDL repo:

If you want to try out the project, you can go to SDL/visualtest and check
out the README.txt there for usage instructions. Only Windows and Linux are
supported at the moment though.

Although I’m going to continue working on the project in my free time, any
contributions from the community are greatly appreciated. There’s a TODO
section in the README.txt that lists some of the things that need to be

For documentation, you can refer to SDL/visualtest/docs/html/index.html. I
might remove the html docs from the repository at some point in the future,
so I’d recommend using the doxyfile in SDL/visualtest/docs to build the

I’d also welcome any comments, suggestions or advice. I’m available on
email or #SDL (nick: nerdap) for anything.–