[GSoC] SDL 1.3 Playstation3 port


this is my first monthly status update of my GSoC project. I’m porting the
video driver to SDL 1.3. This is my progress so far:

The framebuffer is working with SPE support currently only in 1080p. In
1080p we can’t
use double buffering but as soon as lower video modes are working, double
buffering will
be available.

Creating textures is possible in any YUV format. If you use YV12 or IYUV
textures the
conversion to RGB is done by the SPE (which means it is accelerated). If
using other
formats the converter of the software video driver is used. Also scaling is
accelerated by
the SPE, but only when width and height are multiples of 8 otherwise
software scaling
is used.

The next step is (to have the same functionality than in SDL 1.2):

  • Getting all framebuffer display modes working including double buffering.

Within the last few weeks I want to work on the SPE-converter and -scaler
to support more
or hopefully any resolutions of a texture.

  • Martin