GSoC students wanted

Hi all,

Sam had decided not to pursue the GSoC application for SDL this year, so
there are no libSDL-specific GSoC projects in 2012.

I was a GSoC mentor in the past for SDL and have just been approved as
mentor for a different organization - CoApp [1], an open-source package
management system for Windows. CoApp operates under the wings of the
Outercurve foundation, which has been accepted as a Mentoring
organization for Google Summer of Code [2].

I am cross posting the call for student here, since I’ve
"shallow-forked" SDL1.3 into CoApp and have suggested a possible
project: “Create CoApp-packages of the libSDL set of libraries (SDL,
SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_net, SDL_ttf, SDL_gfx) with the ultimate goal
to get some libSDL based games (i.e. BZFlag, Frozen Bubble) or a game
engine (i.e. ScummVM) into the repository.” Such a project might be
interesting for SDL folks, since CoApp could make the distribution of
SDL based games a breeze.

Other currently proposed projects ideas for CoApp are posted here [3].
Do you have even crazier things in mind – CoApp can always use more
ideas of things to build for #CoApp … (not just making shallow-forks),
but some new innovative tools. Here is one if my ideas based on one
specific issue that affects SDL: the necessity to bridge source
repositories (SDL uses hg, CoApp lives on git/github). CoApp could use
some tooling to easily and seamlessly setup and manage repository
bridges for the maintainer of a shallow-fork.

So needed are students to build code! Student applications start March
26th [4] - and if you are not interested in CoApp, maybe you find
another interesting project to apply for on the site.