Gtk and SDL

winterlion wrote:

I’ve looked at the idea a few times I’d admit… but I’d suggest going
with either gtk (preferred) or qt under SDL - neither of which as far as I
know can be done yet…

well, I’m very advanced integrating gtk and SDL… I may send you some
test code (not 1oo% robust, but a stable plataform to work). Also, I
believe it’s possible to create a gtksdl widget, with some signal
events, but nowadays, it isnt a prioritary target for me.

But I can tell you that I get a SDL surface over a gtkdrawingarea,
attached to a gnomeapp, with fullscreen support, and good manage of the
expose event. Ticks are working in windowed mode, and SDL_events are
working in Fullscreen mode (in windowed mode, they dont conflict with
gtk events)

I didnt try OpenGL, or audio till now

I dont have any ftp to upload the tgz… but if more people is
interested, I can upload it where you want. Also, I need more
betatesting, specially in hardware acceleration, because SDL does not
detect my nvidia hw capabilities. But that is an issue not related to

Also, if you see me at the #sdl channel, I’m glad to send you the code

The only bug I realized is that if you close a semi hidden surface
outside the Xwindow viewport… the library crashes… but I didnt make
test enought to confirm if it is a SDL bug, or anything else.

pd. The code is a little bit large and complex, sorry, but I’ll try to
clean it for a real public release–
derethor of centolos