GUI in SDL?!?!

Hello everyone!

I’m writing a application that displays images from two sources with a fps around 25. When I’m reading several posted mails in this list I get the idea that maybe SDL is not the optimal tool to use for my GUI. Am I right and in that case what GUI-tool is recomended for this end and why. If I’m wrong, what are the benefits with SDL compared to other tools!??!

I’m using Red Hat 9…

Very thankful for everytype of reflections…

/Martin Holmgren

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Julien Pauty wrote:

I think we can forge a motto… “Google: the polite way for RTFM” :)–
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At 07:46 PM 10/7/2003, Julien Pauty wrote:

Since he mentions he’s write a GUI app (and not a game) I
think he would rather want something like: