GUI toolkits again

I need a GUI toolkit for SDL, for a highly streamlined (ie user
friendly, rather than “beginner friendly”) multimedia application.
It’s going to be panel based and primarilly keyboard controlled, but
I’ll need the usual basic widgets + mouse occasionally as well.


* Fast, simple and solid.

* Themable, closer to WinAmp/XMMS style than to Gt/GTK+

* Must support OpenGL rendering, at least through glSDL,
  but preferably both SDL 2D and native OpenGL.

* Should preferably run on anything SDL runs on.

* Should not take over the application main loop.

* A minimum of built-in focus and navigation logic,
  or at least, the option of taking over most of that
  as needed.

Which ones of aedGUI, Agar, ParaGUI, PicoGUI and any others there
might be would be most suitable? I’ll simply try a few of them, but
I’d like some statements from experienced users as well.


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