Handling of special keycodes


I need to capture the special buttons of the ATI RemoteWonder USB remote
(on Linux) with SDL. On a 2.6 kernel its plug-n-play with the remote.
The standard buttons (i.e. 0-9, a-f) work just fine but the special ones
like “Play” or “DVD” do not. They return unicode=0 sym=0.

Its a similar issue that was discussed here:

I tried to apply some mappings from avview (GATOS project). But then I
just get
Key pressed: char= unicode=0 sym=0
X11: Unknown xsym, sym = 0x1008ff2e

What is the resolution to this? Is the only option to create a custom
patch (i.e. SDL does not support this natively - period!)? Are there
other workarounds that someone knows about?