Happy to be french

It's must be libc5 : I use a slackware 4.0 distribution.

You need to upgrade your Linux distribution.

It works...(with the slackware 7.0) but I've had troubles in using

properly “sdl-config”. I should made manual operations to install SDL in
another place than /usr/local (I’m not root): It seems to have problem with
local directory creation (where I have permissions).

Sam Lantinga wrote:

Loki’s own Stephane Peter is writing a 5-part series of articles on
programming games on Linux for the French magazine “Plan?te Linux”.

Catch them all at the SDL articles page!

I don't project to translate them (everybody should understand why) but

they are very usefull for beginners : I didn’t succed in finding similar
docs, even in english.

Does someone use SDL for another thing what creating game ? I don't

think but it’s not a good reason to mix game-developping (SDL which works)
and bug-resolving (SDL which crashs). Thus, It could be a good idea to
split this ML.–
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