Haptic issue - Ubuntu - Haptic: Error updating the effect: No such device

Hello! Anyone know anything about this?
I’m having issues with Haptic, after a couple of plug/unplug cycles (works fine for one, maybe two). I’m getting this on Ubuntu, using SDL2.0.10, which is what you get from sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0

if (SDL_HapticRumbleInit(haptic) == 0){
    int err = SDL_HapticRumblePlay(haptic, 0.5, 2000 );
    if (err){
    	SDL_GetError();//Haptic: Error updating the effect: No such device
    	///how is this even possible if it was happy with the SDL_HapticRumbleInit(haptic)?
//This works fine to begin with, but after a couple of cycles of open/closing using these functions, triggered by add/remove events from pulling out the USB lead (closing haptic only after closing the associated controller that the joystick came from, and NOT closing the joystick), i'm hitting the error below. Is this a known bug?

if(SDL_TRUE == SDL_JoystickIsHaptic(joystick)){
     haptic = SDL_HapticOpenFromJoystick(joystick);



Hopefully someone can shed some light on this! Cheers!